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"Bybyecar is an innovative company leading the automotive industry and pioneering the future. Through a comprehensive automotive platform, we facilitate the management of car purchases, sales, recycling, rentals, insurance comparisons, chauffeur services, and parts procurement all in one place. Utilizing blockchain technology and a token ecosystem, we ensure transparent and secure mediation and data management, while offering users rewards for their platform activities. Through these efforts, we aim to revolutionize the automotive industry through blockchain and token ecosystem innovations, evolving into a leading global enterprise providing transparent and efficient automotive services."


Our Business Area

Image by Kévin et Laurianne Langlais

Bybyecar is a global company that explores the future of the automotive industry by providing innovative solutions and services. Our journey began with a focus on opening new possibilities and dedicating ourselves to eco-friendly mobility and technological innovation. Bybyecar integrates all automotive-related services through a user-centered blockchain platform called the "Auto Super App," continuously innovating to make the automotive industry more transparent through blockchain technology.

Bybyecar aims to be a blockchain-based super app in the automotive field!"

Who We Are 

Bybyecar operates in various automotive-related business fields, and our key areas of operation include:

  1. Scrap Car Mediation Service: Providing valuable services to car owners through transparent and efficient scrap car mediation.

  2. Used Car Sales and Mediation: Offering solutions for buying and selling used cars in the used car market.

  3. Car Parts Sales Service: Providing a wide selection of car parts and simplifying the process of purchasing parts.

  4. Overseas Buyer Certification Service: Facilitating the import and export of used cars and ensuring trustworthy transactions.

  5. Electric Vehicle Battery Recycling Center: Offering eco-friendly solutions for battery disposal to protect the environment.

  6. Car Insurance Comparison Service: Comparing various car insurance options to find the best insurance for users.

  7. Car Finance Introduction Service: Offering finance solutions for car purchases to provide users with convenient options.

  8. Chauffeur Service: Providing safe and convenient chauffeur services to support users' mobility needs.

  9. Car Rental Introduction Service: Making car rentals simple and transparent to provide users with the best rental experience.

  10. Car Center Introduction Service: Making car repairs and maintenance easy to book and manage through our platform.

  11. BBC Card: Bybyecar's exclusive membership card for easy payment within the super app ecosystem.

  12. BBC Token: Used for payment within the super app for all services and products.

We will apply blockchain technology and token ecosystems to each field to provide better services and enhance user experiences.

Our Story Never Ends

What We Do

"We explore the future of the automotive industry, striving for innovation and sustainability. Our vision is to create a more transparent automotive industry by leveraging blockchain technology. Bybyecar provides innovation and value to all users and partners, establishing itself as a leading company in shaping the future of sustainable mobility."

Our Vision

"Bybyecar integrates all automotive-related services through a user-centered auto industry super app platform, providing users with convenient and secure choices. We strive to transform the automotive industry and work towards an eco-friendly mobility and sustainable future through innovative technology and services. Our mission is to leverage blockchain technology to create a transparent industry, thereby enhancing users' lives and ultimately protecting the environment."

Our Mission

We are looking for individuals who are ready to join us in shaping the future at Bybyecar. Build a better automotive industry with us and embark on a path of innovation!

Opportunities with Bybyecar include:

  • Opportunities to work in a passionate environment dedicated to the future.                  

  • Opportunities to work with top colleagues in the industry.

  • Consistent support and education for personal and professional growth.

  • Opportunities to drive innovative projects and ideas forward.

Join Us

  • LinkedIn
  • CEO of Bybyecar Co., Ltd. Representative: Database and online service operations, as well as computer programming services.

  • RoboAssetGrid Co., Ltd.: Manufacture and development of optical sensor smart meters.

Dong-Woo Lee​


  • LinkedIn
  • Professor of Business Administration at Halla University

  • Overall development supervision for the Bybyecar project

  • CEO of Squarebase: Designing, developing, and directing CMS based on the electronic government framework / Designing, developing, and directing a remote medical smart healthcare system for measuring multiple biosignals based on IoT Research and development of blockchain and e-Wallet

Jeong-Yong Shim


  • LinkedIn
  • Operation Manager for Bybyecar Project

  • Electronic component retail, development of large touch subcontracting. Other subcontracting related to display

  • Nexdisplay (Lead Researcher): Pre-development, team leader for battlefield display development, technical planning

  • Tobis Co., Ltd. (Senior Researcher): Mobile LCM development, flexible display development, development of large display modules

Hak-Jae Jung


  • LinkedIn
  • Marketing Manager for Bybyecar Project

  • SM Entertainment: Management and promotion, marketing of All I Know Label, YouTube planning

  • Mystic Story: Management and promotion, marketing

Ji-Ho Kim

Marketing Manager

  • LinkedIn
  • Bachelor's degree in Information and Communication Engineering

  • Responsible for development in Bybyecar project

  • SquareBase: Development of a remote medical smart health system for IoT-based multi-biometric data measurement.

Sang-Hyun Nam


  • LinkedIn
  • Bybyecar project development lead

  • SquareBase: CMS based on Electronic Government Framework.

Sung-Gyu Moon


  • LinkedIn
  • Bybyecar project development lead

  • SquareBase: CMS based on Electronic Government Framework.

Jong-Yoon Cho


  • LinkedIn
  • Bybyecar project development lead

  • SquareBase: CMS based on Electronic Government Framework.

Sang-Hyuk Choi


Open Positions

At Bybyecar, we are seeking talented individuals with creative ideas and design skills. We are looking for someone who can visually enrich our brand and services, and develop creative and innovative marketing campaigns.


Marketing is at the core of our business. At Bybyecar, we are seeking professionals to develop and execute marketing strategies. We are looking for someone to oversee digital marketing, social media strategy, advertising campaign management, and data analysis.


Data plays a crucial role in our decision-making process. Bybyecar is currently recruiting data analysts to develop smarter strategies through business intelligence, market research, and statistical analysis. If you have a passion for leveraging data to drive insights and inform business decisions, we want to hear from you!


Software development and engineering are core to Bybyecar's operations. We are currently seeking developers with expertise in key technologies and application development. If you have skills in web development, app development, blockchain technology, or other relevant fields, we invite you to join our team and contribute to shaping the future of the automotive industry.


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