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ByByeCar builds an innovative ecosystem and provides a powerful payment tool that combines tokens and cards to efficiently utilize all car-related services. By leveraging these two elements, users can smoothly and efficiently access all services within the super app.

Easy Exchanges

Credit Cards Accepted

Private & Secure

BBC Token & Card

The Key to All Services in the Super App & Reward Token

Pay Anything with Crypto & Card

By utilizing the ByeByeCar (BBC) token and the member-exclusive card, users can conveniently and securely make payments for all services within the super app. We prioritize users' payment information and assets, meeting their diverse financial needs. All transactions are securely managed through robust security systems.

Use the BBC token and card to easily facilitate transactions for buying, selling, or scrapping used cars.

Use the BBC token and card to conveniently pay for repair costs and keep your vehicle in optimal condition.

Purchase necessary car parts and accessories with BBC tokens and cards, and manage your vehicle effectively.

Get BBC Now

Facilitate international used car transactions with overseas buyers smoothly using BBC tokens and cards.

Compare various insurance options and easily handle insurance premiums with BBC tokens or cards.

Book professional chauffeur services and conveniently pay for the costs with BBC tokens or cards.

BBC Reward Token

Transaction Completion Reward: Users receive BBC tokens as a reward each time they successfully complete transactions such as purchasing, selling, or renting a vehicle on the ByeByeCar platform.

Service Review and Rating: Users are rewarded with BBC tokens when they write reviews and ratings for services provided within the platform (such as repair, insurance, valet driving services, etc.).

Activity Participation Incentive: Users are provided with BBC tokens as a reward when they participate in surveys, feedback sessions, or marketing events conducted within the ByeByeCar platform.

Key Features


BBC tokens offer you benefits and provide a smoother payment experience through the 'Easy Exchange' feature. With this feature, you can easily exchange fiat currency into Barbecue tokens. Now, you can use BBC tokens to pay for all automotive-related services. Convert your fiat currency into BBC tokens through 'Easy Exchange' and maximize the benefits offered within the Super App ecosystem.

BBC Prepaid

Enjoy easy access to all services within the Super App with the BBC prepaid card. The BBC (ByByeCar Card) is one of ByByeCar's innovative payment solutions. By using this card, you can conveniently access all services offered within the Super App. Additionally, you can preload funds onto the card as desired, allowing you to manage your daily budget and expenses efficiently.

Private & Secure

At ByByeCar, our core principle is to prioritize privacy and security in all transactions. We are committed to protecting users' personal information and securely managing all payment processes. When you use ByByeCar for all your automotive-related services, you can rest assured that your personal information is safe. We employ state-of-the-art security technologies and adhere to strict privacy policies to safeguard your information and protect you from unauthorized access or data breaches.

Download the ByeByeCar app on your smartphone or mobile device. You can download it directly from the App Store or Google Play.



After installing the app, please complete a simple registration process. Enter your personal information and set up a user account to get started.

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At ByeByeCar, we provide convenient payment methods. You can easily make payments by purchasing tokens or obtaining a card issued by us.



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